Host Your Own Teach-In Curriculum

We encourage people throughout the state of Illinois to educate your communities about solitary confinement. We offer this Host Your Own curriculum to assist you in these efforts. This 1.5 hour curriculum provides you with everything you need to inform your community and to take action individually and collectively to end long-term isolation in Illinois.

Download the Teach-In & Act Out Against Solitary Confinement curriculum HERE.

Supplemental Materials

  • Take Action Handout (1 per participant)
  • A link to The Gray Box –
  • Sign-in sheet – download HEREIf anyone signs up to be on our listserv please send a clear photo of the sign in sheet to
  • Feedback Form – if you host a Teach-In & Act Out Against Solitary Confinement in your community please fill out this form afterwards to give us feedback and to share any contacts info of people who expressed working with our coalition. Thank you!